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Name:The City Musebox
Posting Access:Anybody

A Panfandom Survival/Horror RP - Officially relocated to The Outpost RPG

You, maybe, could have been dragged into a more inviting environment. It's too bad that whatever Gods or Monsters are running this city decided they wanted you here. For better or for worse, you've been chosen, and now that you've arrived, the only way out is through death.

Or maybe the Overlords will set you free, if they feel like it. (They'll never feel like it.)

Grab a communications device, find something sharp, or blunt, or projectile, and get yourself some shelter. During the day the city is harmless as a kitten (certain denizens aside), but once the sun sets? She comes alive with all manner of ghastly horrors, and if you let her, she'll eat you alive. Sometimes literally.

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